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Board of Directors Meeting
February 28, 2019 
6:00 p.m.

Location: The Pavilion

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Public Meeting Notes

These are the notes from a concerned resident who attended the meeting.  We will gather more information and post it as it becomes available.

  • In general I think most of us were very impressed and pleased at their approach and willingness to get our input and take it into consideration.
  • They are striving to be very "green" and sustainable and are very aware of the wetlands on the property and assured us that their standards for protecting them are very high.
  • They are creating a 100 year Master plan that will take about 2 years to complete. We were assured that we would have input as the plan develops.
  • Phase 1 (the 1st 10 years) will only encompass about 35 acres, near the front entrance off of Apalachee Parkway which will include their main buildings and about 6200 grave sites. Ultimately, they expect to bury 83,000 veterans.
  • 48% are cremations and in addition to white marble markers, there will be "columbaria niches" for cremains
  • As far as "green burials", the Federal VA sets the standards as to how coffins are put into the ground. They are encased in concrete. They also have gardens where people spread ashes if they want.
  • Great news: there will NO fencing except at the front entrance off of Apalachee. They plan to leave the barb-wire fencing in place. They may allow cow grazing on part of their undeveloped land.
  • There will be no lighting, except for security lighting on their 3 buildings.
  • We saw a 1st draft plan that showed a reasonable buffer on our boundaries. There were no perimeter roads. The project manager assured me after the meeting that there would be enough vegetation that we would not be seeing them and they would not be seeing us.
  • They did show a potential maintenance building on the portion of land that is on our eastern boundary, but it is far from our fence line.
  • They will have a maintenance road for their trucks and mowers on Old St. Aug. It will be gated and not accessible to the public.
  • They will be clearing out all of the invasive plants and "scrub" trees. They will preserve the "high value" trees and be planting their own native landscaping.
  • They have no budget at this time to do anything beyond the master plan, so they really couldn't project a timeline, but it sounded like it would be at least 2-4 years before anything is built.